Exact Match Touch Up Paint

Exact Match Touch Up Paint

Southern Aerosols offers a complete line of exact match touch up paints for the OEM and refinish markets. For more than 25 years we have served the needs of manufacturers and industrial firms for custom formulations and precisely matched materials for touch up and repair.

Aerosol Spray Paint

For quick and easy touch up projects, aerosols are a great answer. Southern Aerosols provides aerosol spray paints in three typical sizes: 6-oz, 12-oz, and 16 oz with various nozzle/spray tip options.

Learn more about our brand of Aero Custom Coatings in addition to other aerosol paints distributed and filled by Southern Aerosols.

Pens and Markers

Pens and markers provide easy touch up solutions for scratches and small blemishes. Southern Aerosols will match any paint and then insert the custom formulation into an easy to use pen applicator for quick repairs.

Find out more about our Pens and Markers including our custom pen applicators.

Brush-n-Cap Bottles

Brush-n-Cap Bottles are perfect for small scratches and touch up work to bare or damaged areas including areas with deep gouges and chips where coverage is critical.

Learn more about all of the Brush-n- Cap bottles and custom formulations offered by Southern Aerosols.

Can and Drum Containers

Southern Aerosols supplies many customers with exact match materials in various drum and can options including ranging from 55-gallon drums to 5-gallon, 1-gallon, quart and pint sized cans.

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