Filling Equipment

We carry a full line of equipment, parts and supplies to allow you to fill your own aerosol cans. Our systems have been designed, built, and tested for many years, and are designed to fill anywhere from a few cans to more than 100 cans/hour. We’ll help you pick the system that is right for you!

Our Best Sellers

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One Stroke

Southern Aerosol ONE STROKE

  • Fills one can at a time
  • 105 psi air supply
  • Fills cans ranging from 5 ounces to 20 ounces
  • Comes with 16-ounce filling rod and one-gallon reservoir
Omni-Fill 15

Omni-Fill 15

  • Manual operation, quicker fill than 11EZ
  • Fills 3 can sizes
  • Higher volumes than 11EZ
  • Does not require air source
  • Best for a few cans at a time, or small lots
  • For job shops, finishing operations, body shops, contractors or paint retailers
Omni-Fill 11EZ

Omni-Fill 11EZ

Omni-Fill System 11 EZ is a hand-operated aerosol filling system ideal for filling the smallest quantities of MasterBlend EZ Touch.

Easy to use and economical, this portable spray paint can filling machine boasts rugged construction and low maintenance for long-lasting dependability. Recommended for use in appliance repair shops, body shops, automotive detailers, small plant maintenance departments, car dealers, or anywhere touch-up or exact paint matches are needed.

FILL-ONE Pneumatic

FILL-ONE Pneumatic

Time and cost savings with clean, easy to use, convenient U-POL CUSTOM CAN FILL-ONE Aerosol Filling System

  • Fills quickly in 10 seconds
  • Easy to use – no need to measure or mix
  • Proprietary cap leaves a color swatch for easy identification
  • Minimizes labor and cleaning time
  • No loss of paint product or waste
  • Pneumatic operation from a standard compressor
  • Precise color matching
  • Access to customers who require the convenience of 1-3 fills – opportunity to increase turnover
  • Environmentally friendly

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